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Monday, January 4, 2010

Sweet Sweet Ring 甜甜圈

"Sweet Sweet Ring" is actually a direct translation from Mandarin, this is similar to Doughnut and very common and easily found in wet market/supermarket here !! Due to the high demand (my kids keep requesting for it) , in order to fulfill the demand, I have been searching around for a good recipe and a donut cutter (I only use it once for Yam ring with assorted vegetables) . Finally I found a really good recipe and here was my supply of "sweet sweet ring" :-



Recipe adapted from FoodHouse8, if you know Mandarin, this video is self explanatory, otherwise check below recipe:-
Sweet Sweet Round ( Doughnut )

Makes about 12pcs !
High Protein Flour 412g
Water 247ml
Instant dry yeast 10g (about 2tsp)

High Protein Flour 103g
Egg 41g (about 1-2 eggs)
Sugar 62g
Salt 10g
Milk powder 15g
Butter 62g
Water 26g

1. Mix (A) ingredients and knead till smooth dough, set aside and rest for 1hour or double in size.
2. Mix (B) ingredients with dough (A), knead till elastic.
3. Weight dough 60g each and shape it into a ball, set aside and rest for 10mins.
4. Made a hole in the middle of the dough, and shape it like a donut shape (don’t need to use donut cutter, also you can check out the video to have better understanding).
5. Fry in hot oil until golden brown, once done, immediately coat with sugar.

Try this out, this is really good, soft and sweet. Next time I can use the same recipe to do the similar donut like those selling in Big Apple Donuts & coffee with difference flavours.

Do enjoy Baking !!
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