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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Shitennoji 四天王寺, Gyudon 牛丼, Osaka Japan

This post will be the last post of my recent Kyoto and Osaka trip.
If you are still remember my own adventure of finding Kombucha in Tennoji  area of Osaka city. After i found kombucha, since i was not in rush, so i slowly walk to JR station and stopped by this Shitennoji temple..







Lovely flowers




Since i was alone, i just bought croissant and cannele from this bakery shop for lunch.
Let see what they are selling in this shop, luckily they did not stop me to take photos, hehehe..

I forgot to buy their natural yeast bread..


pumpkin and matcha bread?  not sure..

beautiful croissants

breads made by natural yeast

I saw similar potata bread like i did earlier, recipe here

My 1st time trying cannele, very good, slightly chewy skin and lovely caramel aroma.. IMG_3610

perfect croissant, yum!

After lunch, i continue walked toward train station. I saw this colourful rice cracker, not sure good or not since i did not buy


These wooden moulds were not for sell but for display only, too bad can't buy..

Passed by this shop specialize flowers and vegetables seeds..I bought a packet of flower seed from here, but just realized i have yet to plant it..


We enjoyed Gyudon in this restaurant (sorry, forgot the shop name, is loacted in one of the shopping mall)..
This shop even provide basket for lady to keep their handbag..


yummy Gyudon 牛丼


We like this ramen too, lighter soup base and a lot of cabbages added.


pickled chives to top on ramen, yummy too.

I ordered gyoza again, hehehe..

Ok, here end of my update. I would like to Thanks Nami Just One Cookbook for her advise on accomodation and others..Below are few useful sites that i would recommend you to read if you are planning a trip to Kyoto and Osaka Japan.
1. Alan Travelling foodies - his update more on Patisserie
2. mafengwo - this site is in Chinese..Her write up is very details, my great reference for this trip.
3. Japan guide - you can find all information related to Japan in here


Mel said...

Hi Sonia
Just to say I have enjoyed viewing your photos here especially the breads pics. When I go travelling I dare not take photos in the shops fearing I might be ticked off!

Unknown said...

Great pictures.The hydrangeas are gorgeous and the croisssant ,too perfect to eat:) Hope to visit Kyoto one day.

divya said...

awesome clicks..

Li Shuan said...

What caught my eyes were the cannele. I tried once at my so call local award winning patisserie I was very disappointed with the texture. It was chewy,dry and I really didn't enjoy eating it. However , I m going to try the piere herme one soon see whether I can get the authentic crunchy outside with chewy and custard inside cannelle.

Unknown said...

u really know how to take a beautiful photo, all ur photo very nice, i enjoy watching them. haha... like i m just there.

Sissi said...

I have only been in Tokyo but I wish I could have visited other cities too... In general I would love to travel to Japan every month! The food looks amazing of course. The croissants look exactly like those from my favourite bakery in France and the cannelé is just perfect (I regularly make cannelés and know they are not easy to bake, it took me a long time to find finally a good recipe and perfect tricks!). The Japanese know how to make perfectly even French dishes!

sabrina 莎莎 said...


CQUEK said...

This looks like perfect comfort food and I just love the photo of it all puffed up

Baby Sumo said...

I also eating canele also, I read a recipe saying it takes very long time to bake a single one hor.

lena said...

have enjoyed going thru your trip posts. so where is your next destination? :)

Amie said...

Hi Sonia...
seronoknya dapat jalan-jalan makan angin! Jangan kembung perut sudahlah ye... cantik gambar2 tu...!

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

I'm so sad your Japan post is over... I have to wait until I go there myself next summer. I truly enjoyed your pictures, both scenery and food, and I miss home so much! Hope we can go to Japan at the same time one day so we can go places together and eat lots of food! That would be so much fun!! Thank you for mentioning my name on your post. It was my pleasure and I'm glad you had a great time.

I just remember your potato bread post - this potato bread is my favorite and I used to buy this for lunch when I was in high school from nearby bakery shop. Come to think of it, my lunch was so awesome back then... my school was near a bakery! Now I hardly can taste Japanese bakery... I got to learn baking from your blog! :)

鲸鱼蓝蓝蓝 said...


Shu Han said...

I am so very jealous! It's hard to find good ramen in london, or even asian bakeries liek this! I too travel mainly for food hehehe. japan is one of my top destinations-to-go list

Ana Regalado said...

Sonia , all the bread looks fantastic but a tad expensive ! lol I want some of that ramen as well ! :D

PH said...

I love the beautiful flowers! And also the bakery photo make my mouth water. Always cannot resist breads and buns!

Anonymous said...

wah! you finished your posts already!? I'm still struggling with mine!!!! :(

I love chives with ramen too!!! very few places in Singapore offer that actually... what a shame. How about the ramen shops in KL?

elaine chan said...

Thanks a lot for sharing your trip with us! Pickled chives with ramen- hmm..... haven't tried it yet, sure must be good.

Bakericious said...

Sonia, thanks so much for the details info, I am sure to refer here when I am planning for Japan trip :)

mui mui said...

I an too, a bit sad because this is the end of your Osaka trip. I enjoy so much, every time reading your Osaka posts.
I saw your 1st picture of the bakery. Is that buns on the 1st rack called 法式咸派盅? It's a kind of buns that have varieties if savory filling 'open' in the middle.

Rice Bowl Tales 有碗話碗 said...

Always enjoy reading your travel entries; so much to feast my eyes on! I only wish I was there to see the sceneries and to eat the food :)

Small Kucing said...

i bet you are dying to get yourhands on those mould. Lovely flowers.

missyblurkit said...

love the flowers and the breads..so pretty!

Choi Yen said...

Read/saw many people crazy about Cannele, what's so special of this dessert actually? o.O"

My Little Space said...

The texture of cannele looks quite similar to our local kuih bakar. The food in Japan must be quite costly as well but worth to try all of them. I bet you're now feeling so guilty for not buying those Japanese rice crackers. haha..... Yeap, sayang they don't sell those moulds. Thanks so much for being our tour guide for the past couple of weeks. It was fun.
Hope you're having a fabulous weekend.

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