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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Jin Qian Ban 金錢粄 (Pumpkin Kueh with Mung Beans ) ~~欢喜过马年

Last year I did a fondant covered cake for Pai Tin Kong (Hokkien peoples pray to Jade Emperor on CNY day9) . But this year I did something simple, I made this Jin Qian Ban ( similar like Ang Ku Kueh ), because the shape look like gold bar, good name and nice shape!

My mother was so impressed with the original gold colour from just using Pumpkin but not added any food colouring. Usually she used sweet potato instead.
You have to adjust the amount of water accordingly. I prefer to steam pumpkin instead of using microwave oven as less water is added to the dough later..and it was easy to handle the dough.

Jin Qian Ban (Pumpkin Kueh with Mung Beans ) 金錢粄

Sweet Filling
125g split yellow mung beans/green beans
70g sugar
1 and 1/2tbsp corn oil

1. Rinse mung beans several times till water run clear, soak in clean water for 2hours.
2. Drain the mung beans, place beans on a steaming tray, steam over high heat for 30mins
3. While beans still hot, place beans, sugar and oil in a food processor, process till fine.
4. Set aside to cool. Shape into 13g small ball.

Pumpkin skin
150g pumpkin, cut into small pieces
100g glutinous rice flour
1/2tbsp rice flour
1tbsp sugar
1 and 1/2tbsp corn oil
25g hot boiling water, or adjust accordingly as it depend on pumpkin texture

1. Steam pumpkin slices till soft, about 15mins.
2. Use a fork, mashed cooked pumpkin and set aside to cool.
3. Add glutinous rice flour, rice flour, sugar, and corn oil with mashed pumpkin, slowly add in hot water to mix well till soft dough, keep aside and rest 10mins.
4. Shape into 20g small ball.

To shape and cook Jin Qian Ban
1. Dust “Jin Qian Ban “ mould or “Ang Ku Kueh” mould with glutinous rice flour for easy to remove the kueh.
2. Flatten the pumpkin ball, place a mung bean ball, cover and shape into round ball, then shape into log.
3. Place the log in the mould, lightly flatten, then knock out ( to prevent it broken when it drop to kitchen top, use your hand to hold it) and place on greased banana leaf.
4. Arrange kueh on a steaming tray and steam for 5mins over low heat till cooked (do not steam over high heat to prevent it turned out of shape!). Once done, remove from steamer, lightly brush kueh surface with corn oil.

Note : for this recipe, you will have balance 8pcs of filling, thus you have to increase half of the dough amount.

Recipe by Sonia aka Nasi Lemak Lover


Victoria Bakes said...

i'm so bought over by you Sonia! this is a wonderful idea especially for the bankers.... gold bars! who needs gold bar chocolate now that we have Sonia's gold bar pumpkin kueh! huat huat huat!

Joceline Lor said...

Sonia, this kuih very sui !! Ong mari ong la!

Sally said...


Karen said...


Mel said...

This gold bar shape so suitable for the offering. I love this golden natural colour.

PH said...

Very Ong leh!

Aunty Young(安迪漾) said...

哇!是 Sonia派金条吗?
我也要,哈。。。。。。。这样来孝敬天公, 今年你一定huat 啊!!!!!!

ann low said...

Really look like gold bar :D will definitely try this one day.

Kimmy said...

Sonia, usually for Pai Tin Kong, there must be this Jin Qian Ban [we call Ang Khan], Ang Ee and Angku. Nowadays, I think anything will do. Just pray with a peace of mind, getting impossible to follow the old tradition. I took some photos on Pai Tin Kong at Chew Jetty in Penang. You may like to view them, hehehe!

Anonymous said...


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Veronica said...

Wow, your gold bars are so beautiful, especially the gold colour! You must be very ong this year, Sonia. Love this kind of shape too. Happy Chao Goh Mei and Happy Valentine's Day.

Crystal Loh said...


鲸鱼蓝蓝蓝 said...


Elin Chia said...

Sonia, I aso want the gold bars :) Huat more ya

Esther Lau said...

Hi Sonia, I come to collect some golden bar, so nice the colour and shape :)

Little Corner of Mine said...

Love your gold bar and must be delicious too!

Hamaree Rasoi said...

The pumpkin bars look so delicious and mouthwatering. Excellent preparation.

chow and chatter said...

would love to try and love the molds you use

mayck-law. Blogspot.com said...

金黄黄的金条, 真是人见人爱了!

Juliana said...

So pretty the color of this bars...love the texture.
Have a great week Sonia :D

Sem said...

this year first time 拜天公 because I am a Cantonese but hubby is hokkien.
Also first time see the gold bar ang ku kuih, didn't know got such mould for ang ku kuih.Your looks so much nicer than the one we bought for prayer.

Elaine said...

Good morning Ms Sonia,

So beautiful the kueh!
Thanks for sharing....

Small Kucing said...

very beautiful.....one of these days when mood come will try la. Recipe seems simple enough

Diandra said...

The kueh looks very pretty and delicious! :) I'd like to ask one of ur recipe post:kueh seri muka. How to unmold and cut the cake cleanly? Thanks. Always love ur work!

Jeannie Tay said...

I was thinking of making my own for prayer but then I had to work so ended up buying from the market fro RM1 a piece and some out of shape:P Yours look really nice and I like the colour too!

Unknown said...

This is a good one, looks like gold bar! Love it!

Baby Sumo said...

Beautiful! And long gold bar is sure auspicious during CNY :)

ICook4Fun said...

Thank you Sonia for letting us tried out this lovely kuih. They were really good. I am going to make this when I go back to the US. And thanks for meeting up with us and all your lovely gifts.

Unknown said...

Another amazing post Sonia. Makes me miss those traditional kuih. :)

Ana Regalado said...

Last time , ( gold ) bullion-shaped pineapple tarts now , gold bar-shaped kuihs ?! :D You're creative ! Delicious treats , Sonia !

Amy Cheong, Desirablerecipes said...

Sedap, sedap, sedap. I want some, please.......

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