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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chung Kok_for a cup of "Kopi O"

I feel I have a responsibility to introduce some good places and good foods in Klang to you all since I living here.
This busy coffee shop opened for business more than 50 years ago, getting a table is a waiting game in the mornings.
That's why I waited till now only I make my way to here for their Hainanese Kopi O (black coffee with sugar" and my favorite Nasi Lemak.

- Hainanese Kopi O- "drink at your own risk"
-charcoal-toasted bread
-Chung Kok
-see the crowd in the morning...the good thing here is, it is "Tanggung Halal", Malay members also can enjoy truly Hainanese coffee here.
-I heard the owner had tried out several nasi lemak sellers and to pick the tastiest nasi lemak.
-This nasi lemak is just ok and normal for me, quite a mild version, not up to my standard, you know me, I like hot and spicy food...
- Just like to share with you the old buildings around this area

Chung Kok Coffee shop is opposite the train station on Jalan Station, Klang.


Rachel Hei said...

Sonia, your post makes me home sick.. i love the old style Hainanese Kopi O and the charcoal-toasted bread, i think most of the coffee shop makes the bread by toaster, but i prefer the charcoal style. And the nasi lemak, i like the mild version because i can't really eat too spicy..^_^ thanks for your sharing..

Anonymous said...

Hi Sonia, That gorgeous cup of coffee is just what I need right now in this cold and gloomy new york city weather... also I love those old fashioned colonial style buildings ... & like you...I too am a lover of spicy food ! : )

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Rachel, I know you miss home. This morning Klang here a bit cold due to heavy rain last night, maybe I should go to this coffee shop to have a cup of black coffee..

NAT, suprisingly you from New York also like spicy food, anyway, good for you, hehehe..

Lee said...

Hello Sonia, I too love nasi lemak, with iced coffee.
Okay, must check out this place when and if I am around that vicinity.
You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

Shandy said...

Sonia, what amazing buildings! I am glad you found your coffee shop to sit at for the coffee and nasi lemak but I think you cook this 'so' much better. Thank you for sharing the pictures, just beautiful =)

Penny said...

Oh My God!...I am the superb Kopi-O supporter! This kopi really 'black' enuf...can know the taste oredi!I went to Klang once for teatime, but cant remember the coffee shop name, i remember the kopi-o and toast also very nice..is a corner shop and very crowded too! nearby PingHwa High School there...u know?

ann low said...

I only take kopi-O and it is a must for in the morning while reading my newspaper.

米亚 said...

This is such a traditional and cool kopitiam... i have never been there before... where is that???

Bakeling said...

Hainanese Coffee taste good !

May I 8-挂,How much is the nasi lemak per plate ?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Wow this kopitiam got lots of customers!

Colin Woon said...

These photos brought back a lot of memories. Miss those black coffee and charcoal toasted bread.

Maybe you can bring us there the next time we're in Klang.

Btw, the first 2 shots makes me hungry. Good job!

A Full-Timed Housefly said...

Ohhhhhhhh... I'm the KOPI QUEEN...one day without coffee , I cannot function properly and would rather die without food than without coffee !! LOL

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Lee, Thanks for dropped by.

Shandy,ya, I think I cook better nasi lemak.

Penny, I think you refered to that shop name called Chong Foh, see my post :-http://nasilemaklover.blogspot.com/2009/01/coffee-shop-chong-foh.html..

Anncoo, a wonderful morning with Kopi O

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Mia, nearby train station..next time you come back here, I will bring you there.

Bakeling, not very sure, I didn't count, I think is about RM3-4 per plate.

LCOM, very crowded coffee shop.

Colin, of course, I will bring you and Mia ok..

A full time housefly, it seem a lot of Kopi Queen out there..hehehe..

sasa said...

em..din't know that there is a shop like this at klang..okay okay, next time when back to klang should bring my parent to go there..haha..my parent like kopi o XD

温馨小屋 said...

那盘nasi lemak看得我口水流咧!

Julian Si said...

Can't believe I have never had this nasi lemak ... must try when I am next home in May 2010 !!

Many thanks for the tip ... what a super blog, love the "nasi lemak focus"!

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