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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chung Kok_for a cup of "Kopi O"

I feel I have a responsibility to introduce some good places and good foods in Klang to you all since I living here.
This busy coffee shop opened for business more than 50 years ago, getting a table is a waiting game in the mornings.
That's why I waited till now only I make my way to here for their Hainanese Kopi O (black coffee with sugar" and my favorite Nasi Lemak.

- Hainanese Kopi O- "drink at your own risk"
-charcoal-toasted bread
-Chung Kok
-see the crowd in the morning...the good thing here is, it is "Tanggung Halal", Malay members also can enjoy truly Hainanese coffee here.
-I heard the owner had tried out several nasi lemak sellers and to pick the tastiest nasi lemak.
-This nasi lemak is just ok and normal for me, quite a mild version, not up to my standard, you know me, I like hot and spicy food...
- Just like to share with you the old buildings around this area

Chung Kok Coffee shop is opposite the train station on Jalan Station, Klang.

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