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Friday, July 2, 2010

Cotton Cake 棉花蛋糕

When I first see this cake posted by Jane's Corner, I know my family will like this cake. This cake is very similar to cotton cheese cake, but no cheese is added, they both have the same texture, light and moist, simply good!!

Cotton Cake 棉花蛋糕

Cotton Cake 棉花蛋糕
My husband who not fancy about cakes, also gave thumb up to this cake!! I made this cake yesterday for 2x aluminium loaf pan and today I baked again for a round cake pan, almost half gone now. Thanks Jane for kind sharing.

Cotton Cake 棉花蛋糕*makes 2 x (3”x6”) Aluminium tin
(printable recipe)

30g butter
40g cake flour
40g Evaporated milk
3 egg yolk (big size)
3 egg white (big size)
40g sugar
1tsp corn flour ( not in recipe, I added this)

1. In a pot, melt butter over low flame or melt in microwave oven.
2. Pour melted butter in a mixing bowl, sift in cake flour, stir well till a thick paste.
3. Lightly beaten egg yolks using a hand whisk, slowly add in milk, mix well.
4. Slowly pour egg yolk mixture (No3) into butter mixture (No2), whisk till well combine.
5. In another mixing bowl, beat egg white under high speed till foamy (about 1min).
6. Gradually add in sugar, continue beat.
7. Add in corn flour, beat till soft peak form.
8. Take 1/3 of egg white mixture mix with egg yolk mixture (No4) using a hand whisk, stir till well combine.
9. Gentle fold in the balance egg white using a spatula, combine well, but don’t over mix !!
10. Spoon batter into cake pan, smooth the top of the batter, lightly tap cake pans on counter to bring air bubbles to top.
11. Bake over waterbath at 170c for 8mins, reduce to 150c and bake another 20mins.
12. Up side down (Invert) the cooked cake immediately on a wire rack until it's completely cool before remove the cake from cake pan.

My note: I have a microwave cum conventional oven, so I changed the temp. setting to 180c for 7min (upper rack), then follow by 160c for 20mins(upper rack), last increase to 180c for 5mins (lower rack) to brown the top. And I forgot to invert the cake, so the cake shrunk after cooled

Cotton Cake 棉花蛋糕
Happy Baking !!
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