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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Strawberry Chiffon cake

After the 1st attempted of making Chiffon, I start love in baking Chiffon without any chemical substances, this was my 2nd attempted. I prefer to use fresh fruits for my Chiffon, so this time I use the fresh strawberry.

- I added chopped fresh strawberry, but noticed "air hole" near the chopped strawberry, is anyone out there could help to explain this and how to overcome this?

Recipe to share:-


95g egg yolks (about 5 eggs)

25g caster sugar

1 tsp honey


80g corn oil

120g strawberry puree (blend 100g fresh strawberry + 3tbsp of natural Yogurt)

20g water (when necessary)


95g cake flour

110g chopped fresh strawberry (optional)


240g egg whites (about 7 eggs)

110g caster sugar

15g corn flour


1. Cream ingredient (A) till change pale yellow colour.

2. Add in ingredient (B), corn oil first then add in strawberry puree and water, mix well.

3. Fold in ingredient (C) and mix till no lumps, set aside.

4. Beat egg whites in a clean large bowl until soft foam. Gradually add in sugar, one tablespoon at a time and finally add in corn flour. Mix well.

5. Gently fold in egg whites mixture into the egg yolk mixture,until well combined

6. Bake at preheated oven at 160c for 50 minutes (adjust when necessary, depend on what type of oven you use)

7. Up side down(Invert) the cooked cake immediately on a wire rack until it's completely cool before remove the cake from cake pan.


Colin Woon said...

It looks tasty nevertheless. Let us know if you find out what causes the holes, my wife will probably want to know since she has the same problem last time she bake a Chiffon cake.

温馨小屋 said...

i like this pinky chiffon...

米亚 said...

hey this is good cause alex and i both love strawberry very much... and I seldom have a chiffon in pink too... Your photo skill is so good! how did you enlarge the photos, they look even more tempting when they are larger!

Sonia said...

Colin, lets wait for the answer.

Felvinc, lovely colour hor..

Mia, so you quickly bake for Alex ok.About the enlarge photo, I just drag four corners of the photo to become larger, but it only work in this new template, earlier template not able to do that.

Lianne said...

Hmmm ... perhaps its the weight of the puree, not distributed evenly? As I know Chiffon is one tricky fella to bake and requres them to be light. I bet its yummy nonetheless :-)

~Rachel~ said...

wat a lovely ciffon. I like the colour too.. ^_^

Happyland said...

Strawberry Chiffon look great !
hope can test it coming day..haha

hsling said...


ai wei said...

is it because of the sinking of strawberry puree and the rising of dough?!

it's lovely to see pinkish chiffon here. Yum! i wan it!

nyonya pendek melaka said...

this is a really nice looking strawberry chiffon, especially seeing that you use pure strawberry puree. what a great idea!

Bakeling said...

It is the first time looking at this strawberry chiffon cake ,too bad , I can't have a bite of it !

Little Corner of Mine said...

My thought is the same as hsling. Love the pinkish color!

Sonia said...

Lianne, ya, chiffon cake is quite tricky to prepare.

Rachel, I like the colour too.

Happyland,Thanks for dropped by.

Hsling, agreed with you, this should be the caused of this problem, but are there any ways to solve this problem? Or it can not be solved..
Anyway, Thank you for your answer.

Ai wei, i'm not really think it was caused by the puree, like Hsling said due to the chopped strawberry.

Nyonya pendek, ya, the colour is very sweet

Bakeling, can't help much, hehehe..

LCOM, Thanks.

J.O said...



Sonia said...

JO, you told the same thing like Hsling, two baker master also said the same thing, I think I have no choice to accept the fact that no way to get rid of the "air hole", hehehe..
Thank you for your explanation.

TINTIN said...

So lovely pink strawberry chiffon, ..yum, yum.. I will try it too!

Sonia said...

Tintin, yes, you will love it.

mochi said...

lovely looking chiffon cake

holes may be due to the weight of individual pieces of strawberry, weighing down through batter, or i agree with others that the loss of moisture while baking causes pieces to shrink and form holes.
To prevent this, may i suggest coating the chopped strawberry pieces in a little flour before adding to the batter; this technique is usually used for blueberry muffins, preventing blueberries from sinking to the bottom. It might reduce the size of holes?

Anonymous said...

how to weight 80g of corn oil and 20g of water?

Monica said...

What size pan do you use Sonia? Also can the additional chopped strawberries be puréed like the rest instead?

Nicole said...

Hi Sonia, i like the strawberry chiffon cakes you recommended. Previously, i've tried baking your strawberry chiffon cakes (tang zhong method) and the cakes collasped after i've inverted it to cool down. I found it to be too moist but the taste was so good.

2nd time, i have baked this strawberry chiffon cake using recipe here. Again, the strawberry chiffon cake has collasped after i've inverted it to cool. But this time, the time of collaspse happen about 15 mins later, not like the tangzhong method which collapsed immediately after inverting it.

Can you advise whether it is because my baking time was not long enough? I followed your timing of the baking - 50mins. I am using top/bottom heating option.
Do u think i should bake it using fan force with longer baking time?

I really like this chiffon cake a lot as the taste was so moist and light. Only thing is the cake collapsed and i didn't get a nice round cake...

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Hi Nicole, we also like this strawberry chiffon especially my son, I have so long did not bake this chiffon for him..For what I see, baking time 50mis is just enough, you can have fan force but I afraid cake will turn slightly dry side. And I suspect that you might have under beat the egg white, if use hand mixer, usually take 4-5mins at speed 3.
After I went through these two recipes, now I would suggest you to add extra 1/2tsp of cream of Tartar but omit the corn flour to stabilize the meringues. It is not so easy to stabilize the meringue without cream of tartar if you are not so familiar with beating meringue.
Or else I will try again this chiffon and post up the revision of recipe.

Nic said...

Hi Sofia, thanks for your prompt reply. It would be greatly appreciated if you can try baking this cake again and advise me if there is any revision in recipe.

Talking about beating egg whites. I failed to achieve the stiff peak form for the egg whites for the first two times as I added the cake flour. For the 3rd time, I managed to achieve the egg whites at its stiff peak form as I omitted the corn flour. I tested the stiffness of the egg whites by overturning my egg whites and the egg whites stay at its positiob and didn't fall out. Can I suggest corn flour to be added together with the egg yolks batter instead or I can totally omit it?

I suspect I added too much liquid in this recipe. I did some research on the measurement of flour vs liquid to decide whether the cake has too much liquid. For this recipe, flour vs liquid proportion - 95g cake flour(I didn't add the corn flour) vs 80g corn oil +120g strawberry puree = 95:200 = 1:2 => this proportion shown that i have double of my liquid than the flour. I think too much liquid in the cake and the structure is not strong enough to hold it.

This is just my research and thinking but I do respect that the recipe you posted should work for me. I am a new baker lover so I would prefer you can try out this recipe again and let me know what is the proportion of liquid I should add.

Thanks a lot!

Nic said...

Hi just to correct one typo I written in above comment - the corn flour (not cake flour) was added during my first two attempts to beat egg whites.

nic ng said...

Hello Sonia, do u have the adapted recipe?

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