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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Vietnamese Spring Roll meal

I prepared this Vietnamese spring roll meal for dinner recently, using the spring roll which I brought back from HCM, this was kind of healthy meal because it wrapped with a lot of fresh herbs and vegetables, Teriyaki grilled chicken & etc..

- Fresh basil from my garden, shredded carrot and cucumber, Star fruit slices and limes.

-Blanched Mee hoon (rice Vermicelli) and bean sprout

- Vietnamese Spring roll skin

-Teriyaki grilled chicken

- Vietnamese style of chili sauce (fish sauce, garlic, fresh red chili, sugar, lime juice)

-Fried Spring roll (minced pork marinted with soy sauce, sugar, fish sauce and Chinese wine)


tracieMoo said...

Hi! A very nice blog you have here =)
And the spring roll looks very tasty.. making me hungry.. =)

TINTIN said...

Vietnamese Spring Rolls are one of my favourite when I visit Hanoi..^^
Yeah, I got an award for you, do check on my blog for details.

ai wei said...

wahhh, u made a lot of dishes lately. all looks yummy

~Rachel~ said...

Sonia, your Vietnamese Spring Roll meal is really healthy and yummy, homemade food is always the great..^_^

Cindy Khor said...

i remember the vietnam spring roll tasted healthy and refreshing, i really should try making it too... thanks for suggesting the ingredients...

Colin Woon said...

Wow! Great job girl! You have me drooling just staring at this photo. The regular and a fried version looks really really good!

And I have to say, another good series of photos!

Nancy said...


pigpigscorner said...

Love the deep fried ones! yummy!

Sonia said...

TracieMoo, Thanks for dropped by, will explore your blog soon.

Tintin, I heard Hanoi have a lot of nice foods too.

Ai Wei, Thank you.

Rachel, yes, homemadeis the best food

Cindy, it is simple like ABC.

Colin, actually I like the not so healthy versiooon, the fried one,hehehe..

Nancy, I think you should have enough supply of spring roll skin to have once again.

pigpigcorner, ya, me too love the fried one.

Anonymous said...

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