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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuna Rice

When I feel lazy to cook or husband not at home, I will just cook one meal dish e.g fried rice, savory rice & etc . This tuna rice is just so simple to cook..check it out..

Simple recipe to share:-

1) Wash rice clean, add water and place in rice cooker.
2) Heat olive oil in a wok, saute garlic and ginger (finely chopped), add in chopped onion, cabbages and mixed vege, mix well. Then add in Tuna chunks (type-canned tuna in water ), season with pepper and salt, cook for 1-2 minutes.
3) Add item (2) into rice cooker, add salt, on the rice cooker and cook.
4) Top with Furikake and seaweed, serve hot.


温馨小屋 said...


Colin Woon said...

Have not tried this before but it definitely sounds and looks declious!

Wow! The photo is like a page from a food magazine! Amazing!

~Rachel~ said...

mmm.. this looks yummy, i like tuna, got to try this out some day..^_^

Sonia said...

Felvinc, you should cook this, kids like this rice.

Colin, Thank you for your compliment.

Rachel, quickly try it out.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Looks healthy and nutritious! I should try it!

Cindy Khor said...

this recipe seems to be easy and non-oily, maybe i should try this out..

Shandy said...

Sonia, I can not believe just how easy the rice dish is and looks so yummy too! I am going to go and look up what Furikake is.

Thank you for stopping by and seeing my strawberry dessert =). It is very light and airy with full of flavors too.

Sonia said...

LCOM, yes, you should try it, kids will like it.

Cindy, quick and easy meal.

Shandy, this is yummy and simple to cook

米亚 said...

Oh yeah! This is so japanese! I think seaweed and tuna go very well too! very nicely done!

Nancy said...


Sonia said...

Mia, Yes, because the seaweed, it look so Japanese huh..

Nancy, yaya, your daughter should eat this, healthy and simple, but maybe you should replace white rice with brown rice or some other kind of healthy rice since she wants to slim down..

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