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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cotton Cheese Cake and Brownies..

We love cotton cheese cake , and I have baked for few times already, the final result also improved a lot if compared to the 1st attempted. This time, I added brownie as the base, and it was by accident, see the reason as below...But this cotton cheese cake is super nice especially with this very rich in chocolate of Brownies.

- see my 1st attempted, look very bad huh......

- the latest result, very smooth on the sides, the important point here is do not line paper on the side of the cake pan.

- and this time it didn't cracked much, because I use higher pan for water bath.. maybe this was the reason..

At first, I wanted to bake a brownies for my husband (his favorite), I was referring to Happy Home Baking's recipe, but I have overbaked it for 10mins. I use skewer inserted into the centre of the cake, it did not comes out clean. So I baked again for another 5mins (tested and again not clean), so another 5mins ( tested and again not clean) , but I realized that I should not continue bake further, and I stopped.................

Resulted I have a very very dry brownie( but the taste was excellent). It became even worst on next day, something like biscuit. No choice, I use this left over brownie, crushed it, add some butter, and it became a very tasty cake base for the cotton cheese cake. I just wonder how could I bake this delicious cheese cake again, that means I need to fail again on brownies, hahaha..

Thanks to Happy Home Baking for sharing this rich chocolate brownie recipe.

Do enjoy baking !!!
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