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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Various kind of buns

All these various kind of buns were done 2 days in a row, if I will buy all these buns from outside bakery shops, it will cost me much much more. It is nice to enjoy homemade buns, cheap and healthy. Recently I just got a food processor, so making bread dough is so much easy now, this is one of the reason why I so hardworking making breads...

-Hot from the oven (Day1)

-Hot from the oven (Day 2)

-Type 1( topped with cheddar cheese and roll with hot dog)

-Type 2 (put bread dough in tart cup, top with fresh parsley and cheddar cheese)

- Type 3 ( roll dough around the hot dog, cut the roll and twist it)

-Type 4 ( topped with Chicken floss)

-Type 5 ( normal hot dog roll )

-Type 6 (mini hot dog roll, specially made for Desmond who always can't finished normal hot dog roll)

-Type 7 ( roll dough around the hot dog, cut both sides and bring to center)

-Type 8 (topped with hot dog, mayo, mix vege)

-Anyone want some buns?

** I use basic sweet bread dough to make above buns...
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